I Once Was Lost...

What would be the point of having all this great content in one place if it wasn’t easy to find?

FameHog’s smart search tools allow you to search by categories. You can search the entire site for content or narrow your search by user generated keywords, member’s resumes, videos, news or classifieds.

The good news is searching is free and available to anyone who visits the site. Whether you are a member or not you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Now’s the time to look for your Tom Cruise lookin’ stuntman from Albuquerque.

With this much traffic looking for new talent your chances of being seen are pretty damn good.

Discover or be discovered.

Keywords, Titles & Descriptions

What makes you so special? Keywords are terms that you enter into your profile that give you a better chance of being found. If you always get rolls as the “girl next door” put that into your keywords and help them find you.

Your title is how you are listed in the search results. Ever search Google, it’s the sentence with the blue underline. Choose with care.

Your search description allows you tell a little about yourself and is listed in the search results as well.

Sponsored Listings

Looking for even more exposure? let’s you purchase higher search rankings gaining you more visibility. For more information check out the “Add On’s” section of the tour.

Advanced Search

Still can’t find what you are looking for? FameHog’s advanced search allows you to get as in-depth as you need to be. Go ahead, go deep.


FameMeter is a ranking system that is built right into your weblet. The more times your profile is viewed, videos are emailed and rated, the higher your ranking. Top ranked members show up in the main categories pages. More exposure, yes, it’s actually possible.


Want to know a little more about one of search results before viewing their profile? Look for the little magnifying glass next to their name and click on it. This will give you an overall view before getting into their specifics.