Super Size Your Weblet

On top all of FameHog’s great basic features, we offer a wide range of additional services that can help skyrocket your career.

Sponsored Results

Looking for more exposure? Sponsored Results allow you to feature your self at the top of the Search Results page.

Multiple Listings

Are you an Actor and a Director and would like to show up in both categories?

No matter what your main profession is if you would like to be listed in another category you can add this to your account for half as much as a regular account costs. Add as many as you’d like. You’re talented, show everyone.

Extra Storage Space

Need more space? The standard FameHog account comes with 50 MB of storage space. Increase your storage space to 1 Gb and upload to your hearts content.

Weblet Set Up

Love the idea of your own FameHog weblet but don’t have the time to create it yourself. Let the professionals at FameHog created it for you.

Video Encoding

Do you have video content that is on disk and would like FameHog to digitize it for you?

We offer state of the art, high quality video conversion. Simply mail us a DVD, VHS, or Beta tape and we'll digitize and upload it to your account.

Note about video quality: A step above YouTube. As video on the web continues to evolve we will continue to push for higher and higher quality avaialbe to our members.